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Virtual Drone


FPV Drone Fly through

FPV drone fly-throughs are an engaging way to capture your audience and create next-level promotional content. From one-shot factory tours and luxury office flythroughs to highly choreographed showpieces, we can help you bring your concept to reality. With a comprehensive suite of services, including pre-production, flight route planning, choreography, FPV drone filming, video editing and post-production, we have the capabilities to produce your project from concept to delivery. 

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"Cinewhoop" FPV drones are smaller and lighter compared to our cinematic FPV drones, but utilise the exact same technology and are flowing with FPV goggles on the pilot, allowing for precision and close-quarters flying. Cinewhoops have propeller guards and a soft exterior, minimising potential risks and allowing us to create stunning drone tours, both inside and out. This is a truly unique, all-in-one camera platform. ​ 

These drones are perfect for one-take clips for your business's social media and are an exciting way to provide unique factory tours, luxury property previews and immersive office videos in one, seamless take. These drones are safe to fly around people, allowing for much more engaging storytelling, and even choreographed viral videos, compared to traditional aerial filming techniques. 

Wren Kitchen Factory - FPV DRONE TOUR

Produced, directed and edited by Bad Wolf Horizon

READING Office Tour

Bowling Alley

Events & Festivals

LONDON Office Tour



a step-by-step PROJECT guide

There are a lot of good FPV drone pilots across the UK, but no one who is pushing the possibilities and offering more of our drone flythroughs like us. At Bad Wolf Horizon, we offer a unique, full-production service for our FPV drone flythroughs, utilising our in-house director, skilled FPV pilots, talented sound designers and helpful production assistants to help make your vision become a reality.

Below is a step-by-step guide about what a typical project might look like.

1. Pre-production

Film camera graphic

An exciting start to your project! Our first meeting is very important. This allows us to get a feel for your ideas, objectives and deliverables in more detail and for us to explain what a typical project looks like.

3. Filming day

Drone camera graphic

The first few hours is spent test flying and figuring out how to populate it with people. The second half of the day is spent filming. Our aim is to complete a flythrough in one, continuous shot. This means we have to do it as many times as it takes to get it right (typically 2-5 hours). The moment it all comes together is always a great feeling.

5. Animations

Animations graphic

As part of our post-production process, we can also add motion-tracked text and animations on top our your video. This optional-extra allows you to provide more information to your viewers, while keeping engagement high.

2. Flight route planning

Flight route graphic

A recce can be completed in advance, but in most cases, we have a recce the day before our filming day. During our recce, the pilot and director walk around the space with you, identify areas you want to show off (and ones you don’t) and come up with a flight route to best show off the space.

4. Video editing & sound design

Video and sound graphic

Our in-house video editors and sound designers will make your video come alive, using smooth transitions and beautiful colour grading. We typically use a suitable soundtrack, while our talented sound designer helps to make your video feel alive.

6. Delivery

Video and sound graphic

We’ve done it! Typically, we deliver our videos in both 16x9 (for YouTube/ Web) and 9x16 (for Tik Tok and Instagram).

200508 AP FPV-9544-LOW.jpg

GoPro FPV Drone Specifications

  • Our GoPro rig weighs just under 650g, with great maneuverability. 

  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor aerial cinematography.

  • Creates amazing indoor-to-outdoor, seamless transitions.

  • Large ducts, to improve flight performance and safety. 

  • Ability to mount a GoPro Hero 11. Shoot in up to 5k 60 or 4k 120

  • Approx. flight time 5-7 minutes per battery

  • Ability to safely fly in close proximity to people/ property

  • Comes with a large number of batteries

  • Also available with our Black Magic 4k or Komodo 6k systems

Bad Wolf Horizon-3857.jpg

Full Production

Let Bad Wolf Horizon take care of your FPV drone flythrough from start to finish. We offer a full range of services including pre-production and idea generation, FPV drone filming, directing and choreographing, video editing and sound design. With optional extras such as exterior aerial photography and film and motion-tracked text, we've got you covered.

Prices from £2,950 + VAT
Minimum two-man crew

FPV Pilot Only

Our FPV drone team is available as a pilot-only service to work alongside your production company and to deliver next-level FPV drone video for your film, commercial or social campaign.  Not only are you hiring our high-end FPV drones, but you are hiring the best in the business and the expertise that comes with this award-winning drone company.

Prices from £1,200 + VAT
FPV pilot & drone

Our Pricing

Liability insurance of £5 million

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