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FPV drones are the next generation in the cinematic drone revolution, with unrivalled creativity and freedom of movement in space. For brave and forward-thinking DOPs, we now offer an FPV drone lighting service, whereby we can carry our super lightweight and powerful LED light on our FPV drones.

Using a 150W StratusLED light, we can fly through small gaps, at high speed and maintain a high level of precision, all while providing 4-5 minutes of creative lighting. All of our LED lights are flicker-free and are therefore suitable for use with high-speed (slow-motion) cameras.

Want us to fly through a creepy forest at night? Through an abandoned warehouse, or around a moving subject?


Get in touch to find out more about how we can help.

Stratus LED drone light

2022 FPV Drone Showreel

Need a heavy-lift system?

Bad Wolf Horizon-3865.jpg

FPV Drone Lighting Specs

  • FPV drone and LED weigh only 1,750g

  • 150W Stratus LED Air Module

  • Flicker-free LED for use with high-speed cameras

  • Colour temperature 5500K

  • Comes with a quiet 30dB-A fan

  • Approx. flight time 4-8 minutes per battery (depending on drone)

  • Can easily reach speeds of over 75 mph

  • Built-in GPS and return to home for improved safety and reliability

  • Available as a two-man crew only

  • Comes with a large number of batteries

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