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FPV Drone Filming


FPV Drone Pilot Hire

FPV (first-person view) drone filming is the latest in drone technology and, unlike traditional drone cinematography, allows us to be in the action, rather than looking down on it. We are proud to be one of the few companies in the UK to offer this service and we are committed to pushing this technology forwards, as this style of filming grows in the film and TV industry.

These machines are nothing like the average drone which you can buy off the shelf. These drones are self-built, light, manoeuvrable, flown using FPV goggles and are able to create breathtaking outdoor content due to their small size and insane power-to-weight ratio. 

The manual control, which is difficult to master, allows for total creative freedom and a completely new look to drone filming. Using their nible size and the ability to use zero throttle, we can use the momentum of the aircraft to get unique, close-quarters aerial video that cannot be achieved using any other camera platform.

We operate on a three-tier FPV system, depending on your camera requirements, subject and level of production. Get in touch with the team today and we can help your vision become a reality.

Our RED Komodo FPV Drone


FPV Kit Hire Options


Using our GoPro Hero 11's on an FPV drone is our most popular option. These aircraft are light, maneuverable, durable, and have the ability to use Reelsteady (GoPro specific stabilization software) which means footage comes out buttery smooth. Perfect for smaller productions or to fit through particularly tight gaps.

Black Magic 4K FPV

The next step up in our FPV drone fleet is our custom "naked" Black Magic 4k cinelifter. Stripping down the camera, removing the unnecessary components and saving roughly 200g in weight means we can achieve cinema-quality in a compact package. With all the benefits of using GoPro, but a huge jump in quality, codecs, and low light capabilities and this is a great all-rounder. Available with or without stabilization.


Our RED Komodo FPV drone is an absolute beast. This custom-built octocopter has the ability to lift any camera up to a weight of around 2.5kg with all of the benefits of FPV drone technology. Available with our very own RED Komodo 6k, we have the ability to shoot in 6k at 50p, with 16+ stops of dynamic range and shooting 16-bit RED RAW - perfect for matching with other cameras on set. Available with or without stabilization.

Ford Europe - gopro


Honda Marine, Italy - Black Magic 4K


Want to fly a RED Komodo?

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