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FPV Drone video. The next evolution in drone filming technology.

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

FPV drones, are small, light, self-built and flown using first-person-view goggles. You may have seen this technology before, as a derivative of the highly popular "drone racing", in which competitors race 100 mph + drones around abandoned car parks, stadiums, while live streaming the footage across the globe.

At Bad Wolf Horizon, we are hugely excited by this innovative drone filming technology and we are quickly becoming the market leader in FPV drone flying in the South West. With clients such as NatWest and ITV, our FPV drone pilots are available to hire across the UK and abroad.

DJI FPV drone video goggles
FPV drone video goggles. How we pilot the drone.

There is no doubt that FPV drone technology has come along way in the last 4-5 years. These aircraft are built from off-the-shelf components and painstakingly put together by hand. Not only are they difficult to put together, but they are not easy to fly either, compared to "traditional drones". When releasing our FPV drone video service, we logged over 50 hours of flight time into a simulator, before even purchasing the FPV quadcopter!

DJI "traditional" drone technology features a whole plethora of features and sensors to help make flying as easy as possible; obstacle avoidance sensors, GPS, return to home (if the battery is too low, or if the drone loses connection from the controller) and many, many more. This is why our DJI Inspire 2 costs around £5,000+.

FPV drones are different. These aircraft have no sensors. They are flown with total manual control and in 2020 they generally fall into three categories:

  1. Racing FPV

  2. Cinewhoops

  3. Freestyle FPV

Racing FPV drones are as above. They are designed for speed and agility, with these quadcopters reaching well over 100 mph and reaching A to B as fast as possible, through checkpoints and obstacles.

Freestyle FPV drones came next, as a more creative form of FPV drones. These UAVs are designed to carry an action camera and to complete flips, rolls, dives and spins in an effortless ballet in the skies. They are fast and agile, but more refined than racing drones, as their objective is not necessarily speed (although they can still easily reach over 100 mph)!

Cinewhoops are a more recent invention and for us at Bad Wolf Horizon, this is the reason that we are excited by this technology. Cinewhoops are not designed for speed, or to do tricks, instead, they are a slower aircraft, can carry a medium-sized action camera (like a GoPro) with large propeller protectors and a more robust frame.

This means these drones are safe enough to fly indoors, around "soft targets" (people and cars, for example), which makes them perfect for virtual tours! They have the ability to create breath taking one-shot, seamless videos, moving the camera in a way that is not possible using any other platform.

Bad Wolf Horizon Ltd. offers both Cinewhoop and cinematic FPV drone pilot hire services across the UK and abroad. They are an immensely powerful drone filming tool and can transform what you and your customers think drone video is. We have created "one-shot virtual property tours", "COVID secure previews" and even flown in Museums to entice customers inside.

Bad Wolf Horizon Ltd. is an award-winning drone company, based in the South West of the UK, with a head office in Helston, Cornwall. We regularly travel for work and our drone services are available across the UK and abroad. Get in touch for details:

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