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360 virtual reality (VR) drone video for business.

Updated: May 15, 2020

In a world where travel, sustainable tourism and technology is at the forefront of many people's minds, Bad Wolf Horizon have released a brand new 360 drone video production service - the first of its kind in the South West.

How can businesses benefit from 360 video?

In 2019, engagement is everything. From getting views on Facebook and YouTube to promote your brand, to engaging with potential customer's attention at trade shows. Audience retention; audience attention is short. More so than ever, brands must push the boundaries to get those likes, clicks and website views to help drive sales.

That is where Bad Wolf Horizon can help. Here's how our new 360 drone video can help your business grow:

For use on social media: to attract new customers and to create an engaging experience to increase viral factors. Most people can't resist a quick click-and-drag on a 360 video, so the interaction rate increases and the view count goes through the roof.

360 video statistics Facebook
360 video statistics

For use in virtual reality (VR): at trade shows and events. If you've ever been to a trade show, you will most likely have seen a stall with a VR display. An expensive gimmick, right? No. Virtual reality is more likely to attract inquisitive customers to your stall, increase interaction and the service we offer is probably cheaper than you think.

For providing unique aerial tours: we can do some clever things with VR technology, including motion graphic overlays and hotspots. Deliver more information to your customers, while providing them with a unique feeling of flights.

Learn more about how we can help:

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