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DJI Inspire 3


Our DJI Inspire 3 with RTK

Our flagship drone for aerial filming is the DJI Inspire 3. With its stunning X9-Air camera, full frame sensor and range of DL lenses, this aircraft combines impeccable flight performance with a RAW 8K image.

The party piece for the DJI Inspire 3 is its RTK system - the first of its kind in any cinema drone. RTK is a super-accurate type of GPS, allowing for millimetre-level accuracy when in flight. This is a cinema robot arm in the sky.


But what does this mean for DOPs and directors? The DJI Inspire 3 allows for perfectly repeatable flight paths. For day-to-night time-lapses, high-end visual effects (using motion control) or long-term construction project updates, the RTK system unlocks new ways of shooting and opens up a range of new options to creatives. 

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DJI Inspire 3

  • Top speed 94 kph (sport mode)

  • Up to 8k ProRes / Cinema DNG at 75 fps

  • 4k30 live broadcasting Built-in CineSSDs

  • Comes with a large number of batteries

  • Flight time of roughly 20

  • Max. winds resistance 14m/s ​

  • Available as dual operator only

  • Comes with a range of lenses (24, 35 & 50)

  • RTK positioning system available on request

The DJI Inspire 3 is one of the most advanced aerial systems on the market, with an image that stacks up against an ARRI Alexa. Dual operator drone hire, with independent camera controls, make this the perfect tool for close-quarters aerial filming. As we use a range of different lenses, we are able to achieve different focal lengths, meaning you’ll get precision images and state-of-the-art cinematography.

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This DJI Inspire 3 RTK project was part-funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.


Cornwall Council has been chosen by Government as a Lead Authority for the fund and is responsible for monitoring the progress of projects funded through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.


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