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Turbine Inspection


Cornwall Drone
Wind turbine inspection

Although Bad Wolf Horizon, predominantly resides in the world of drone filming for cinema, we also provide high-quality wind turbine inspection services across the picturesque landscape of Cornwall. Leveraging our cutting-edge drone technology, our inspections are thorough, efficient, and highly cost-effective. 


By utilizing drones, we can safely and swiftly assess the condition of wind turbines, even in the most challenging locations, without the need for expensive scaffolding or risky manual inspections. As Cornwall residents, we can be on-site within a matter of hours, minimising downtime. We can capture images and video both onshore and offshore.

Choosing Bad Wolf Horizon means partnering with a company committed to safety, precision, and sustainability. Let us help you harness the full potential of wind energy while maintaining the integrity and performance of your assets. Discover the future of wind turbine inspections with Bad Wolf Horizon.

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