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Drone Filming Across the UK

We are leading the way in aerial film and aerial cinematography, utilising our six years of experience and high-end aerial platforms to capture truly breathtaking footage.

Using our range of powerful aircraft, from the DJI Inspire 2, with stunning X7 camera, to our latest heavy-lift system, we work with DOPs and directors, production companies and TV broadcasting agents, to add stunning quality images to their workflow, while elevating production quality.

We are available for hire at both full-day and half-day rates as dual operator or solo operator with unrivaled quality, to help your next film stand out from the rest. 

Our hard work has not gone unnoticed, as our client list includes Amazon, NatWest, the BBC and the National Trust, to name just a few.


  • Available in under or over slung configuration

  • Available with MoVI Pro 

  • Has the ability to lift up to a 9kg camera payload

  • Perfect for use with Alexa Mini or RED Raptor

  • 8 motor setup for built-in redundancy

  • Has a flight time between 12-25 minutes 

  • Comes with RTK GPS precision

  • Available as 2 or 3 man crew

  • Comes with a large number of batteries

Freefly Alta 8 Pro

Freefly Systems make world-renowned products for the aerial cinematography industry and we are proud to support their mission. Utilising an 8-motor octocopter configuration, we are able to fly payloads of up to 9kg, lifting an Alexa Mini, RED Raptor / DSCM2 camera with ease, with superior redundancy. For use in high-end commercials, feature films and next-level documenatries, this aerial system can fly all day and will not let you down.

DJI Inspire 2 Exeter

DJI Inspire 2

  • Top speed 58 mph (sport mode)

  • Up to 6k ProRes RAW/ Cinema DNG

  • 1080i live broadcasting

  • Built-in CineSSDs

  • Comes with a large number of batteries

  • Flight time of 20-25 minutes

  • Max. winds resistance 10m/s

  • Available as solo or dual operator

  • Comes with a range of lenses (wide to narrow)

The DJI Inspire 2, is one of the most advanced aerial systems on the market. For use with either a solo operator or dual operator (independent camera controls), this is perfect for close-quarters aerial filming. Using a range of different lenses, we are able to achieve different focal lengths, helping us show off the difference between professional aerial footage and "just another drone shot".


  • Shendrones Thicc

  • Top around 75mph

  • Available with our Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4k

  • Can support cameras up to 2.5kg

  • For fast-paced FPV action, captured in cinema-quality 

  • Flight time of 3-5 minutes

  • Available as operator and observer only

  • Comes with a large number of batteries

Bad Wolf Horizon cinelifter

The Shendrones Thicc is the next level in FPV drone cinematography, with all the flight characteristics of FPV with a cinema camera on top. Traditional FPV drones utilise GoPro and action cameras, whereas with this "Cinelifter", we can carry a RED KOMODO, BMPCC6K, Panasonic BGH1, Freefly Wave, or any other payload up to a maximum of 2.5kg. This drone is not a joke and can cause serious damage.

How about drone lighting?

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