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Flying drones and filming aircraft and aerospace companies at an active airport in the UK is illegal without the right permissions. This is the reason we love working at airports. With a bit of hard work to gain the necessary permissions, we are able to capture truly unique drone video and aerial photography, as we carefully skirt the line of legality. We have a great track record of air-to-air filming, having completed numerous projects with Virgin Orbit (and the rocket launch from Cornwall) and Vertical Aerospace and its testing of their latest in EVTOL technology.

Flying drones at airports is difficult and requires a lot of paperwork, which we are happy to complete as part of any project. Make sure to allow plenty of time in order for us to gather together the relevant permissions. Get in touch to talk about how we can make your vision become a reality.

Vertical aerospace

Electric Vertical Take off and Landing Planes - Shot on the DJI Inspire 2


Cosmic Girl Arrival, Cornwall - Shot on the DJI Inspire 2

Would you rather film from a boat?

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