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360 VR


Virtual REality (VR) DRONE VIDEO

The team can capture full-spherical (drone removal) 360 aerial videos in 8k 10-bit for a breathtaking and unique flying experience for your customers to enjoy in VR or on your social media. Using our custom-built aerial platform, we are experts in the production/ planning, creation and delivery of virtual reality content.


Use 360 videos for unique event promotion, to generate engaging content for your social media, to raise awareness of your brand and to increase the number of visitors to your website.


Of users interact

with 360 video


Click Through Rate

on mobile & desktop


Video completion

rate compared to 2D

This 360 video can be used in a number of ways, including on your social media channels, for a highly engaging video for your followers to enjoy. Most viewers can't resist a quick "click and drag" around a 360 video, meaning the engagement rate goes through the roof and the number of viewers increases dramatically.


Pairing our video with a virtual reality (VR) headset allows participants to physically look around this 360 sphere, without leaving the ground. This is perfect for interactive exhibitions at trade shows and events, as it encourages more customers to your stall.

St Ives Aerial Drone Tour

We were approached by Visit Cornwall to create some unique aerial tour to promote West Cornwall to be used on social media and in VR.


Have you ever experienced St Ives, Cornwall from the skies? We create powerful marketing tools and we are at the forefront of this technology in the South West. With motion graphic overlays, you might learn something on your journey as well.


"We have not only had great content produced by Bad Wolf Horizon, but we have done so using the latest technology. The content has been so well received, it has had great engagement and the team are a dream to work with” 

— Malcolm Bell, Visit Cornwall

Other Projects

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