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Drones and large crowds are often a daunting prospect not just in terms of logistics but safety and legal requirements. So if you’re you’re looking to document your event with a festival drone tour or to capture specific performances, hiring a professional operate is paramount. At Bad Wolf Horizon, our drones allow us to attach zoom lenses, meaning we can capture close-up shots while maintaining a safe and legal distance from people, property, and vessels. ​ 


We capture breathtaking aerial cinematography and we can also provide a live streaming service to add value to your event through broadcasting directly to on-site screens and internet platforms. ​ 


With a full range of different aircraft and a team of dedicated pilots, we are ready and waiting for any challenge that you might throw at us. Got a specific request or just want to go through different scenarios? Get in touch for a consultation. For your peace of mind, we are fully qualified to fly at night and have liability insurance of £5 million. 

Drones for event hire

The Trafford Center, Manchester

With Halloween just around the corner, we headed to Manchester to capture an FPV drone tour of "Spookfest"

Goonhilly Earth Station - Apollo50

A one-of-a-kind festival, in the shadow of "Arthur" which broadcasted the moon landings to Europe in 1969

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