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Hiring a drone company to provide coverage for your event or festival can be tricky, as drones and large crowds appear to be a daunting prospect. How do we get around this? Our drones allow us to attach zoom lenses, meaning we can capture close-up shots while maintaining a safe and legal distance from people, property, and vessels.

Not only can we capture breathtaking aerial cinematography, but at the same time, we can also live stream in full HD 1080i, directly to the mixing desk. As organisers attempt to diversify and to make festivals more accessible to the masses, the use of an aerial system may be a good solution for you.

With a range of different aircraft and a team of dedicated pilots, we are ready and waiting for any challenge that you might throw at us. For your peace of mind, we are fully qualified to fly at night and have liability insurance of £5 million.

Drones for event hire

The Trafford Center, Manchester

With Halloween just around the corner, we headed to Manchester to capture an FPV drone tour of "Spookfest"

Goonhilly Earth Station - Apollo50

A one-of-a-kind festival, in the shadow of "Arthur" which broadcasted the moon landings to Europe in 1969

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