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Talisker Whiskey & Greg Dennis

Talisker Whiskey is a world-famous distillery, based on the Isle Of Skye, in Scotland. The Isle of Skye is a very remote and difficult place to access, especially with a large crew and drone operators and therefore the decision was made to capture this video in an equally rugged part of the country - Valley of the Rocks, in North Devon.

Director Greg Dennis asked Bad Wolf Horizon to capture some aerial filming of this unique event from the skies. 

Talisker hosted a gathering on the coast where we heard from six storytellers. As the sun was setting, we heard from Tom Kay. Founder of Finisterre, one of the most innovative outdoor brands in the world, Tom talks about the power of collaboration and his vision. Tom’s love of the sea was passed down from his parents and now runs through Finisterre, which he founded in 2003. Tom built a world leading brand by finding a better way of manufacturing – from the fabrics Finisterre uses to the collaborators he works with.

Talisker Wilderness Bar

This video was directed, shot and edited by Greg Dennis. Drone aerials supplied by Bad Wolf Horizon.

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