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FPV drone

Our Camera Drones

Do you want a fast-paced FPV drone filming in buttery 6k RAW with a global shutter? Do you want helicopter-style shots for a fraction of the price? Although our head office is based in the lovely Cornwall, our pilots and gear are available for you to hire for your promotional, film or commercial across the UK and EU.

We also have public liability insurance of £5 million, for added security and peace of mind (can be increased on request).

We are leading the way in close-quarters aerial filming, FPV and drone cinematography, utilising our high-end aerial platforms to capture genuinely breathtaking footage in various formats.

We are available for hire for a full day only. We can provide standalone pilots, operate as a dual-operator crew (pilot and camera operator) or even provide camera assistants, depending on the shooting schedule.


At Bad Wolf Horizon, we create drone videos with unrivalled quality, to help your next film stand out from the rest. 

Bad Wolf Horizon-8463.jpg

Dual-Operator FPV Drone

  • Available with our RED Komodo

  • Can fly any camera up to 2kg (Sony FX6, Freefly Ember)

  • Great for close-quarters, precision choreographed moves

  • Top around 75mph

  • Comes with follow focus

  • Flight time of 4-6 minutes

  • Available as dual operator (pilot and camera op) only

  • Comes with a large number of batteries

Imagine a DJI Inspire 2 meeting an FPV drone. With all of the benefits of FPV (fast, agile and the ability to fit through tight gaps, all while our RED Komodo is being independently controlled by our skilled camera operator. This is the next step in the FPV revolution.


RED Komodo FPV Drone

  • Top around 75mph

  • Available with our RED Komodo 6k

  • 16-stops of dynamic range

  • Super35 sensor with global shutter

  • This drone can support cameras up to 2.5kg

  • For fast-paced FPV action, captured in cinema-quality 

  • Flight time of 3-5 minutes

  • Available as operator and camera assistant only

  • Comes with a large number of batteries

This FPV drone is our workhorse. With an x8 configuration, with added redundancy, this drone does not hold back. Powerful, lightweight and incredibly well-balanced, the only thing for you to consider is how brave you would like us to get with it.

unnamed (4).jpg

Black Magic FPV Drone

  • x4 FPV drone, for speed and agility

  • Top around 90mph

  • Available with our Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4k

  • For fast and dynamic FPV, due to being very lightweight

  • Also available as a ducted, indoor version

  • Flight time of 4-6 minutes

  • Available as operator and camera assistant only

  • Comes with a large number of batteries

Using our custom "naked" Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k, this lightweight x4 is fast, agile and can turn on a dime. You may want to use this over our RED Komodo if it is a particularly risky or dramatic shot, due to its lower weight and slightly lower cost!


GoPro FPV Drone

  • Available is full size or sub250g variants

  • A maximum speed of 99 mph

  • Our GoPro 11 can shoot 5.2k in 10-bit

  • Sub250g can fly in built-up areas, including overflight

  • Flight time of 4-6 minutes

  • Also available as indoor, ducted versions

  • Available as a solo operator

  • Comes with a large number of batteries

Rugged, waterproof and with a great, 10-bit image in such a small form factor. This is our "full-send" FPV drone. Fast, lightweight and relatively cheap, once you are used to flying Komodos for a few years, we can get very confident with this thing!


DJI Inspire 2

  • Top speed 58 mph (sport mode)

  • Up to 6k ProRes RAW/ Cinema DNG

  • 1080i live broadcasting

  • Built-in CineSSDs

  • Comes with a large number of batteries

  • Flight time of 20-25 minutes

  • Max. winds resistance 10m/s

  • Available as solo or dual operator

  • Comes with a range of lenses (wide to narrow)

The DJI Inspire 2, is one of the most advanced aerial systems on the market. Using a range of different lenses, we are able to achieve different focal lengths, helping us show off the difference between professional aerial footage and "just another drone shot".



  • Sub250g traditional drone

  • A maximum speed of 35 mph

  • Can shoot in 10-bit 4k at 60fps

  • Can shoot 48MP stills in RAW

  • Can fly in built-up areas, including overflight

  • Flight time of 25-30 minutes

  • Available as solo operator

  • Comes with a large number of batteries

Traditional DJI drones are getting really good these days. Weighing under250g, this dark horse gives us the ability to fly in many more places, with a stunning 10-bit 4k image and setup in a matter of seconds? We carry this drone with us wherever we go.

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