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RED Komodo
FPV Drone

Hire RED Komodo FPV Drone

FPV "first-person-view" drone filming is quickly becoming a highly-utilised tool in the film industry and we are leading this cinema revolution in the UK. Traditional FPV drones mainly use action cameras, such as GoPros due to their decent quality and low weight, but at Bad Wolf Horizon, we wanted to take this even further.

Our heavy lift FPV drone or "Cinelifter" is a versatile and powerful piece of equipment that is capable of carrying our RED Komodo camera with ease. This state-of-the-art FPV drone system is able to lift payloads of up to 2kg with precision and stability.

The RED Komodo camera is a compact and powerful tool that is perfect for capturing high-quality footage in a variety of environments. With 16-stops of dynamic range, a 6K S35 sensor and a global shutter, this is the FPV camera that we have been waiting a long time for. When paired with our heavy lift FPV drone, it becomes a formidable aerial cinematography setup that is capable of capturing breathtaking aerial shots and sweeping vistas.

Whether it's for a film production, TV advert, or commercial shoot our heavy lift FPV drone and RED Komodo camera combination is a reliable and flexible choice that is sure to deliver stunning results. With its exceptional lifting capacity and the high-quality footage of the RED Komodo, this setup is a valuable asset for any creative team.

Using the Sony A7S III, Canon R5, Freefly Wave, or even specialist lighting? Let's get it flying!

Blackmagic ProRes - Example Footage

We also fly fpv drones indoors.

Bad Wolf Horizon-3857.jpg

RED Komodo Specifications

  • Shoot in 6k at 30p

  • 16+ stops of dynamic range

  • 16-bit RED RAW

  • X8 octocopter configuration for added redundancy.

  • Built-in vibration isolation and dampening.

  • Post-process stabilisation is available on request.

  • Video transmission system via DJI FPV camera for directors monitor.

  • Aerial acrobatics and zero throttle creates shots unachievable by traditional drones.

  • Built-in GPS and return to home for improved safety and reliability.

  • Approx. flight time 3-5 minutes per battery (2kg payload).

  • Available as a two-man crew only.

  • Comes with a large number of batteries.

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