The Maritime Museum Cornwall

The National Maritime Museum is a world-famous museum and an iconic tourist attraction in our hometown, Falmouth, Cornwall. In 2020 the Maritime Museum revealed its latest exhibition - Monsters of the Deep.


Bad Wolf Horizon was asked to use their latest in FPV drone technology to fly around inside the museum, to provide a virtual tour for guests, to raise awareness and increase excitement into the reopening of the museum in July 2020. This was important to the museum, as being able to show visitors the site layout, COVID compliant systems and general layout of the new exhibition will help keep things running smoothly and answer visitor's FAQs prior to arrival.


"Explore the centuries-old myths and legends, when chance sightings and odd appearances led to tall tales of deep-sea creatures. Learn how, even today, these stories continue to capture imaginations, fuelled by fake news and conspiracy theories."

Visit the National Maritime Museum Cornwall website to learn more.

Maritime Museum, Falmouth

This FPV drone video was directed, shot and edited by the Bad Wolf Horizon team.


"OMG - this is utterly AMAZING - not just good - really FABULOUS. A thousand thank you’s - it totally blows me away. What a way to see the boats and the fly into Monsters worked an absolute treat. Well done - truly magnificent.” 

— Richard Doughty, Director at NMMC