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Well before the "Bowling Alley video" popularised the use of FPV drone tours, we flew our drones around some of the country’s top museums, tourism attractions, and exhibitions in order to create stunning virtual tours and drone flythroughs of their unique and often complex spaces. ​ 


FPV drones are a stunning to upgrade your organisation or institution’s marketing strategy. By delivering an online virtual preview, customers become excited and more intrigued to visit the space in person. Want to keep your audience’s attention for longer? Try adding our bespoke one-shot drone films to your promotional videos, which owing to their lack of cuts, will improve audience engagement by a huge degree. Furthermore, by combining our wide-angle camera with unlimited freedom of movement throughout your building or space, we can show off what you have to offer without compromises. 


FPV Drone Virtual Fly Through


"OMG - this is utterly AMAZING - not just good - really FABULOUS. A thousand thank you’s - it totally blows me away. What a way to see the boats and the fly into Monsters worked an absolute treat. Well done - truly magnificent” 

— Richard Doughty

Museum Director, Maritime Museum

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