Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station is a large radiocommunication site located on Goonhilly Downs on the Lizard peninsula in Cornwall.


We were asked along to capture some stunning drone visuals for Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd. and of course, we jumped at the opportunity. Usually, drones aren't allowed anywhere near the high-intensity radio transmission area, but we were granted special permission to fly wherever we wanted, apart from directly in front of the dishes. This may have caused issues with our drones connections and GPS data, as well as altering the live communications data with the satellites in orbit, so we kept our distance.


Making the most of the beautiful, early evening sunsets of winter, we spent a few hours blasting around these £80 million satellite dishes. Using a dual operator configuration on the DJI Inspire 2, we were able to get some breathtaking aerial cinematography, unachievable by a "standard" drone as the sun set over this unique, secretive site.

Here is what we were able to put together.

Goonhilly Earth Station

This video was directed, shot and edited by the Bad Wolf Horizon team.


"Goonhilly Earth Station is normally closed for drone flying, but we invited the team at Bad Wolf Horizon to make some special drone videos for us... and the results were outstanding. Great work and great video editing as well as taking our particular technical flying requirements into account. Highly recommended.” 

— Ian Jones, CEO at Goonhilly Earth Station