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Crash Camera Hire UK

FPV drones are the next generation in the cinematic drone revolution, with unrivalled creativity and freedom of movement in space. The only restrictions are your creativity, the bravery of the FPV pilot and until now, money.

We have designed an aircraft that we have attached no sentimental value to - one that is cheap to build, great to fly and can withstand an absolute beating. FPV drone crash cameras are "disposable" drone and action camera combinations, designed to reach places that are unsafe for humans or too expensive for traditional cameras setups.

Want us to fly into a massive fireball? Under a falling building? Through a crashing tidal wave? Get in touch.

2021 FPV Drone Showreel

We also fly fpv drones indoors.

200508 AP FPV-9544-LOW.jpg

5" FPV Drone Specifications

  • Weighs 550g, with great manoeuvrability, power and agility 

  • Aerial acrobatics and zero throttle creates shots unachievable by traditional drones

  • Truly unique form of close-quarters aerial filming

  • Perfect for outdoor aerial cinematography

  • Can easily reach speeds of over 100 mph +

  • Built-in GPS and return to home for improved safety and reliability

  • Ability to mount a GoPro Hero 9 black. Shoot in up to 5k 30 at 100 Mbps

  • Approx. flight time 5-7 minutes per battery

  • Available as a two-man crew only

  • Comes with a large number of batteries

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