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drone Video for social media


At Bad Wolf Horizon, we work to your requirements. Wherever you plan to use your fresh, new video, we are happy to adapt the video output, in order to optimise its reach on your social media or website.

But that is not where it ends... Social media marketing is a tricky subject and there are tactics as to when and how to post. Below is a handy guide for our most popular channels Facebook and Instagram.

drone video for Facebook

Step One. 

Click "Write a post..." at the top of your business page.


Step Two. 

Select "Upload photos/ video"


Step Three. 

Select the video you wish to upload from the pop-up window.


Step Four. 

1. Create a memorable title for your video. This should contain your brand name.

2. Create a description to entice your viewer. Keep it short and include a website link and a hashtag where possible.

3. Include some relevant tags. This includes places, your services and your brand name.


Step Five. 

Select "Thumbnail" on the right hand side. Chose an image which looks visually pleasing and will make your viewers want to click on it. This is the most important factor when uploading a video.


Step Six. 

Never post the video there and then. You want to post the video at a time where it will reach the maximum amount of people. For us, we have found a Wednesday at 15:00 to be the best time!

Click "Schedule" and Facebook will sort the rest out for you!


You're all done!

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