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Hybrid FPV DRONE Hire

This is the absolute cutting edge of FPV drone technology. Our FPV drones utilise a dual operator setup, allowing us to capture smooth, stable and high-quality footage, with all of the benefits of traditional FPV drone work. Do you want fast, accurate, gimbal smooth drone shots, all at a close-quarters range? This is the setup for you.

We at Bad Wolf Horizon have created a cutting-edge drone service that offers a new way of telling stories to our clients. We can capture a previously unimaginable level of agility, speed and precision by combining our FPV drone technology with an independently operated stabilised camera platform on top.

We have worked on a number of commercial projects in the UK and will release this footage when ready. In the meantime, here are some test shot examples of what we can achieve with this next-level setup.

Hybrid FPV Test Footage - Land Rover Experience

We also fly Traditional fpv drones.

Bad Wolf Horizon-3857.jpg

Dual Op FPV Drone Specifications

  • Built-in gimbal, to provide close-quarters aerials, with a stable horizon

  • Ready to fly with our custom "naked" DJI Inspire 2.

  • Shoot in ProRes or RAW, in up to 5.2k.

  • Can be configured with follow focus

  • X8 octocopter configuration for increased lifting capacity.

  • Built-in vibration isolation and dampening.

  • Video transmission system via DJI FPV camera for director monitor.

  • Built-in GPS and return to home for improved safety and reliability.

  • Approx. flight time 5-7 minutes per battery.

  • Comes with a large number of batteries.

  • Comes as a two-man crew minimum.

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