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Since leaving the EU, flying drones in Europe became more difficult for UK operators, wishing to fly in EU countries. Operators need both a license to fly in the EU and require a work visa. We can solve these problems for you.


  1. Tom Wadsworth, the lead pilot at Bad Wolf Horizon is both a UK and EU citizen, meaning he does not require a work visa to fly drones in the EU. 

  2. Bad Wolf Horizon, currently holds permission to fly a UAS (drone) in the A1, A2, and A3 subcategories, up to a weight of 4kg. This includes our DJI Mavic range and any of our FPV systems. 


In 2021, the UK left the European Union, meaning that UK drone permissions are no longer valid in EU countries. At Bad Wolf Horizon, we have dedicated a huge amount of time to be available for our clients, wherever they need us. Our permissions are valid in any EASA-based country and we do not need to contact the local aviation authority to make them aware of our activity. This includes the entirety of mainland Europe plus Norway, Greenland, and Switzerland. 

Algarve Tourism - Drone Video

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