CSA Architects

CSA Architects is a design-led RIBA Chartered Practice based in Truro, Cornwall. Established in 1990 and with a longstanding reputation in Cornwall, CSA provides full architectural services on a range of projects including private homes, residential developments and commercial and leisure projects.

We have worked with CSA Architects for a couple of years now, delivering high-quality aerial photography and aerial filming for use on their social media and website.

Drone photography for architecture and estate agents is a powerful marketing tool and a great way to sell a property. Our latest project with CSA Architects features a bespoke private property near Mylor Yacht Harbour, near Falmouth.


Most people think of drones as high-flying machines, which can only take photos from above. This is completely untrue and at Bad Wolf Horizon, we see these aircraft as the perfect tool for properties such as The Waterside Home. Drones allow access to remote locations and flying low down over the water allows for shots you just cannot get any other way. It takes a skilled pilot to pull off aerial images like these. 

Let us know what you think of them.

Waterside Home, Mylor

This video was directed, shot and edited by the Bad Wolf Horizon team.