Hiring a drone company to provide coverage for your event, festival or wedding can be tricky, as drones and large crowds appears to be a daunting prospect. How do we get around this? Our drones allows us to attach zoom lenses, meaning we can capture close up shots, while maintaining a safe distance.

As part of our productions, we like to show off the event itself, as well as the surrounding area, in order to create a more rounded film, with variety which helps you sell more tickets next year!

We are fully qualified to fly at night and have liability insurance of £5 million.

Drones for event hire

Goonhilly Earth Station - Apollo50

A one-of-a-kind festival, in the shadow of "Arthur" which broadcasted the moon landings to Europe in 1969

inexeter - christmas lights switch on

Flying in a built-up area proved to be quite tricky, but it was most definitely worth it!