About us

How we started.


Tom Wadsworth, aged 25, founded Bad Wolf Horizon Ltd. in 2017 but has been in the filmmaker and photographer for well over 6 years. Tom and his solid pool of certified freelancers, ranging from camera operators, competent observers and pilots all have a strong background of film production and aerial photography. This means we are more than just "drone pilots" we are filmmakers and photographers taking the drone revolution to new heights.


We are at the technical forefront of what we do and we are continuously evolving how drones are flown and used in the creative sector. At a time where anyone can go and purchase a pretty decent drone off the shelf, we aim to be the best of the best in our field and we are quickly becoming to go-to drone team in the South West.


This mentality has not gone unnoticed. We have been featured on BBC Spotlight, in The Times and The Mail Online, just to name a few and Tom is now an award-winning director, winning "Young Business Person of the Year" from the Western Morning News, "Digital Rising Star" at the EDGE Awards and is a member of the "Cornwall's 30-under-30" in 2020.


Earning our Place


We are serious about safety. To be able to fly any aircraft commercially in the UK, full training is required to teach pilots how to mitigate risk and ensure the safety of people on the ground and, in the sky. We are fully qualified to fly commercially and have a full PfCO UAS License from the CAA.



We have permission for commercial drone operation (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).




We have public liability insurance of £5 million with a fully certified, UAS specialist insurer.

Night Rating


We are qualified to fly legally both day and night - adding further shoot flexibility.